Aug 2013 We have three new postdoc positions open
Positions are available in CMOS photonics, optomechanics and nonlinear photonics.
Job descriptions: CMOS(pdf), Optomechanics(pdf) and Nonlinear/Quantum(pdf).

Graduate student Ph.D. positions (1-2 positions)
The Nanophotonic Systems Group has openings for starting Ph.D. students in various projects related to integrated photonics. Interested students should apply to the ECEE graduate program (info here) for admission, and may contact Prof. Milos Popovic to find out more about possible areas of research. Candidates can only be considered for a position in our group after being admitted to the PhD program.

Undergraduate assistant to administrative staff position (1-2 positions)
The Optics and Nanostructures Faculty group is seeking an undergraduate assistant to contribute to administrative tasks for the group, *and/or* the possibility of web-page maintenance related tasks if so qualified. The available position is for a negotiable number of hours per week (on the order of at least 10h/week, possible 20h+ and negotiable). Sought is a responsible person with good time management and communication skills. Interested students should contact Prof. Milos Popovic.

Undergraduate research positions in silicon photonics (2 positions)
The Nanophotonic Systems Group in the Department of Electrical, Computer and Energy Engineering has availability for two undergraduate research assistants. The undergraduate assistants will have the opportunity to become familiar with the field of silicon photonics—optical circuits on chip for laser light signals, fabricated in advanced CMOS technology. We have projects in optical interconnects where we are pioneering the first optical CPU to memory interconnects on chip, using silicon photonic devices, compatible with advanced CMOS fabrication used for state-of-the-art microprocessors. We also have projects in advanced silicon photonic circuits for novel light sources, optical amplifiers and quantum optical devices and circuits on chip. The undergraduate research assistant will aid in experimental measurements and testing of silicon photonic devices in some of these projects, and will be responsible for learning the basics of the devices of interest, and carrying out measurements under the mentorship of graduate students and/or postdocs. Students with top academic performance are sought, who are handling their classes comfortably enough to permit them sufficient time to devote to a project to learn and contribute something meaningful. Subject to a trial period, candidates interested in a full academic year (or the rest of it) position are sought, with optional summer hire opportunity subject to performance. Interested students should contact Prof. Milos Popovic.

For more information on the projects see the research page.

University of Colorado-Boulder has a highly dynamic environment in optics research with a number of optics research groups in the electrical engineering department, the physics department, JILA institute and NIST, including three Nobel laureates in the field in the past ten years. See more on the Optical Sciences and Engineering Program (OSEP) page.

Postdocs are considered research faculty at the University of Colorado and receive a generous benefits package, competitive with any top research university. Boulder is also a great place for personal life, has a young population and is rated one of the top places to live in the US (see also here and Wikipedia page).

To express interest in a position, please contact Milos Popovic.